Our commitment to privacy

Primetime Entertainment is committed to protecting your privacy. You’ll find information in these pages outlining the way in which we collect and process your online information.

Submission of information

This privacy notice applies to all information collected by means of web, email, telephone or contact and includes personal or business information such as:

  • Name / Business Name
  • Address (postal or email)
  • Phone Number
  • Event / Performance details
  • Description or Message

Use of your information

Details we receive related to any personal or business information including details of events are retained in strict confidence and only used to the extend necessary to fulfill your query. The information we receive will not be disclosed outside of our organisation except to those third parties relevant to the nature of the query. On those queries requiring external contractors, Primetime Entertainment will only disclose details necessary to complete the order, for example; we may ask a third party contractor for quantities delivered to a certain region to gain estimates of costs and not disclose exact locations or dates that you may have provided in relation to the query.

From time to time, we may use non-identifying summative information to collect data and gather statistics about the use of our online query forms. This information is generic without regard or reference to personal information.

Your personal information will never be abused in such ways unrelated to the purpose of the submitted information and any further use will only be carried out upon approval and input from the person(s) and/or business/entity who originally transmitted it.

Artist fees and negotiations

All records and conversations pertaining to fees and negotiations between Primetime Entertainment and the Artist are kept for the purpose of internal communications. Though we reserve the right to discuss fee estimates and guidelines with existing and prospective clients, all finalised remuneration arrangements between us and the Artist are kept in confidence. We will never rent, sell or share this information, or disclose this information without prior consent from the Artist or Artist management. We are under no obligation to disclose this information to clients.


The appropriate security measures and data protection facilities have been utilised within the framework of this website.

Questions or concerns

Should you have any further question or concerns regarding our privacy policy, please email us on privacy@primetimeENT.com.au